Crush Your Attachment Gremlins
Discover 10 Effective Strategies for Letting Go of Your Stuff



If you have been going full out to create an amazing life and business for yourself these past few years, watching your bank accounts burgeon, experiencing the thrill of hearing happy and excited clients offer you testimonials that are music to your ears, traveling around the country (or maybe even the world) speaking at seminars and conferences, living the life you set out to live, but….

There is still that little voice niggling at you deep inside…

Could it be that you are having trouble integrating this amazing new life in a functional way?

Maybe you’ve been so busy that you believe you didn’t have time to tend the home office fires.

Maybe the administrative tasks are not your favorite part of being a business owner.

Or maybe there are some uncomfortable feelings lurking under the piles on your desk or in your bulging file cabinet…or on the floor?

You can tell yourself a whole lot of stories about all that, but in my experience of over 18 years of helping people just like you, most often, it’s the emotional overwhelm of success that can be the very thing that blocks your ability to make the best decisions.


The results can be subtle or they can be dramatic. They can be well disguised or they can be in your face.

From what I’ve observed over and over:

It could be an office where the papers, stuff and administrative to-do’s pile up and up and up, and perpetuate the cycle of overwhelm.

It could be phone calls left unreturned, files lost in the chaos, supplies bought in duplicate, chronic lateness, always feeling unprepared, embarrassment at the idea of having clients or friends visit your office, or it could be a general feeling of unease when thinking about the administrative part of running your business.

Sound familiar?

So, if all you have to do is delegate the stuff you hate to do, why does finding the right person keep falling to the bottom of your priority list?

Could it be that the very thought of explaining your ‘system’ to someone else makes you want to set your desk on fire?

Or might it be that in the past, you have hired people that you already know to help you out, only to find out they don’t have the skills you need for the job? It took so long to admit that they just weren’t a good fit, and then let them go without hurting their feelings, that it’s scary to think of trusting a ‘stranger’ with your business.

Well, if any of the above speaks to you, I can help… IF you are truly ready to take the time out to tackle the job properly, that is.

You see, after all these years of working with people for a few hours here, and then a few hours there, I have come to realize that that method just doesn’t work for the entrepreneur who wants to make a real and dramatic difference in their business.

Working a little at a time, we might be able to put out a few fires, maybe even scrape off a layer or two of your anxiety so you can manage tomorrow, but really, to do justice to the job of laying a solid foundation for your ongoing business growth, you need a full week of attention and focus and support. I’m talking three to six days of eight hours each. Long, hard, intense, exciting, exhilarating, potent, illuminating days.


Only the business owners who are serious about breaking through the barriers that have kept them from reaching the next rung on the ladder up and understand the value of investing in themselves. If you heard about a workshop or seminar that lasted 3-6 days that you were absolutely sure would vastly improve your work habits on a permanent basis, I am willing to bet that you’d be on the next plane to participate. But then you would come home and nothing would have changed. The piles would be the same on your desk, your file cabinet would still be bulging with a terrible mess of important and outdated files, your closets would be overflowing with that same mix of urgent and junk…Why wouldn’t you stay at home and invest the same time, money and effort into your office?

And that’s where I come in… I am part cheerleader, full on project manager, sort of like a therapist, coach, personal trainer, shaman (or so I’ve been told) and Mary Poppins all rolled into one. I fly in, show up bright and early the next morning and we get started, and don’t stop till the job is DONE. And I mean DONE DONE, not just DONE. And then I go home.

And you now have a “WOW!” office that works. It flows, it sings, it’s totally, 100% YOU. Need a file quickly? It’s right there at your fingertips. Need a supply or resource? You know where to find it. Need a document from 6 years ago? That’s in the archive place and you know exactly where that is as well.

Imagine that kind of world, that kind of business, and how easy it would be to delegate to someone else once you understand the system!

If you are ready for a ‘Mary Poppins Shaman’ to help you get clear and focused, contact us right away to see how we can get you on track.


I’ve been organizing the minds, hearts, homes and offices of high powered entrepreneurs, both onsite and over the phone all over the country since 1997.

My former blog, It’s Not About Your Stuff, that I wrote 2005-2007, was featured in the prestigious Wall Street Journal’s Blog Watch column four months after I started it.

I was invited as a guest expert on the Dr. Phil Show.

I was interviewed on Canada’s Vicki Gabereau Show (they called her the “Oprah of Canada” when she was on the air)

I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you completely transform their relationship to their business and become re-ignited with enthusiasm and excitement for what they do.


Soon after I began working closely with people in their businesses, I noticed that my most successful clients’ accomplishments often came at a steep emotional cost, which ultimately affected a lot more than the bottom line. In response to this hidden but serious challenge, I developed the Business Clarity Breakthrough, a personalized intensive service that trains the focus on the energy, rather than the substance of clutter, so we can get to the root of the issue and keep it from coming back.

Don’t get me wrong, this a hard core, nitty-gritty– but also playful and spirit-lifting—intensive can last anywhere from 3-6 full (8 hour) days, depending on your situation. I have found that to be the ideal time needed to truly align your office systems with your increasing level of professional achievement and doing it all in one shot is the way I have found works more effectively than any other.

In other words, even though you ROCKED before, after your Intensive with me, there will be NO STOPPING YOU!

All the junk— emotional, mental AND physical— will be swept away and what you will be left with is a desk, an office, a home, that is potent and lean and efficient and best of all, uniquely YOU. No longer will you think of every excuse in the book not to get sit down at your desk, because now, sitting at your command center will be rewarding, profitable and a real pleasure.

This isn’t about my system imposed on you, this is about me attuning to you and the way you think, the way you feel and the way you do business and then helping you create a customized system based on our findings.

Listen, I am a woman business owner like you. I know the drill. I know the fears, I know the thrills. I know the dips and the heights. I get what it takes to make things flow so you can do what you do best and not waste your precious time on anything like duplicating your purchases, file folders, efforts. No more frantic searching. No more hiding.

Once your mind is decluttered in one or two Skype sessions prior to my site visit, the process of organizing and implementing operating systems becomes easy.

By the end of the full week session, you’ll not only have a harmonious office and clear systems in place to deal with what comes next, but most important, you’ll have the ability to better internalize the exciting success you’ve been experiencing by ridding yourself of the emotional and mental clutter that has been subtly holding you back.

Let’s be realistic, clutter will never go away completely, but with clear standards and procedures in place, frustration, inefficiency and overwhelm can be nipped in the bud.

I only take on a handful of Breakthrough clients each year so if you feel this program is right for you, let’s talk and see if we both feel it will be a good fit.

Jessica has the magic touch. After she vaporized my clutter and empowered me to stop creating it for good, we got to the real gold underneath. She’s truly gifted and highly skilled at tackling the intangible disarray that was blocking my business. Jessica works at the deepest level, with energy at the source of physical reality. She worked quickly yet gently to unclutter my thinking and business focus: clarifying sensible choices about what to do and how to grow. Now I can easily focus on what makes me jazzed about being in business, and make sure I’m using my time wisely and profitably. She’s way better than perfect!!” ~one happy camper in Encino, CA

Don’t have the time for a full Breakthrough? Turn the chaos, mind chatter and overwhelm into order and energy in your life by a powerful Skype VIP coaching day!

Uncover the emotions that lead you to cover the floor with stuff, and then get to work making it happen. You get me for a full (6 hour) day, advising, consulting, cheering you on.

Contact us now to see how we can take the burden off your shoulders.

Crush Your Attachment Gremlins
Discover 10 Effective Strategies for Letting Go of Your Stuff

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