Garage Organizing

Garage and Large Space Organizing (Los Angeles, Florida & Vermont)

Get it done fast! One-day Garage Organizing Transformations that change your life.
If you want to get that all-over clean feeling, In Perfect Order will show up at your house and transform your messy, out-of-control space from chaos and overwhelm to ahhhhhhhhhhh…order, usually in just one day! We have a team of friendly, enthusiastic people who know how to take the hassle out of the job and actually make it fun.

It is a historical fact that way back in the early part of the 20th century garages were originally designed to house cars! In fact, the word “garage” comes from the French word “garer” which had the original meaning to shelter or protect, and that was its purpose – to shelter and protect vehicles. Many people have forgotten this original intent, and have instead filled their garages to the brim with all manner of clutter; Christmas and holiday decorations, old yearbooks, junky broken furniture, spare car parts, old paint cans and other hazardous waste, a mess of rarely-used tools, outgrown kid’s toys and clothing, and the list goes on…Sound familiar??

As a woman, I don’t exactly understand why most men need a “cave”, somewhere in their home that is their “safety zone”, but it seems they just do. I’ve seen it time and again, so it must be one of those biological things that there’s no use arguing about. In our modern American culture, the garage has become a popular domain for the man of the house, and so the organizing of this area can be a very sensitive issue that must be dealt with tactfully and with clear communication. Man or Woman, you can breathe easy knowing that we use a practical, efficient, and skillful approach to help you re-order your space, with a non-judgmental and playful attitude that keeps the energy flowing smoothly all day.

We also advise you on how to take care of any subcontracting details such as garbage hauling (dumpsters), donations pick-up, hazardous waste removal, document shredding, long or short distance movers, etc. so you can remain focused and stress-free. We can recommend a cabinet installer, a power washer for the floor, as well as many other options to make your garage into the space you dream it can be. You ask for it, and we promise that we won’t stop until we find a solution for you!

Please contact us to discuss pricing and to schedule an appointment to assess your needs.

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