I’m guessing what brought you here is some kind of pain that has to do with the disarray and disorder in your environment…to see if there was someone who could just help you get out from under it.

Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief, because we specialize in assisting people like you who are overwhelmed and frustrated with the clutter and chaos surrounding you (on all levels) and would like to just tackle the problem once and for all so you can get on with your life.

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to have someone by your side, helping you find the perfect solution, customized to your particular situation, to get you organized and on your way to freedom and peace of mind? People tell me it does feel transformative and life-changing. [take a breath here and reflect on what that might look like for you…]

You might be recently recovering from a deep life-changing event such as a death, divorce, change of career, empty nest, expecting a baby, an intense situation that has derailed you for a while. You may or may not have been a “Type A” personality in a former life and now for whatever reason, can’t figure out what happened. Here’s a secret: in order to get back on track, you don’t have to know in advance what happened, you will find out in the process of reordering your life. We’ll take it gentle, but focused, compassionate and non-judgmental but determined and deal with the emotional clutter in a caring and decisive way so you can get free!

Let me tell you a story…

Several years ago, I was blessed to visit the magical land of Burma. The first day in the capital city of Rangoon (Yangon), we visited

Shwedagon Temple in Burma

Shwedagon Temple in Yangon, Burma

Shwedagon; the Golden Temple said to have been built 2600 years ago, in Buddha’s lifetime. What struck me deeply that day as I walked around the temple in my bare feet on the hot, smooth marble, was the overwhelming sense that the millions of pilgrims who had interacted in a sacred way with that place over the last two centuries had created a sort of “mindful energy field” palpable to even the most unmindful visitor.

This is the energy that I have as my intention when working with my clients: to help them “move back in”, so to speak, to enjoy a dynamic interplay with the things that surround them. I have found, by listening and watching hundreds of people that this can only be done by deliberately letting go of the things that no longer serve, and consciously creating a sense of home. This does not have to be a serious and grueling event! Actually, it is anything but…most of my clients find our time together energizing, playful and enlightening (in more ways than one!)

Here are a few of the services we are currently offering:

CLARITY Breakthrough Approach: Do you live outside Los Angeles or Vermont? We’ll come organize your entire house in just one week! It’s an amazing experience that will transform the way you feel and flow through your life on a daily basis.

CLARITY Breakthrough VIP Bootcamp: this intensive 3-6 day onsite program is designed for the successful entrepreneur who understands the power of investing time, energy and effort in working ON their business. Results are outrageous and immediate!

CLARITY Breakthrough Phone Coaching: Turn the chaos, mind chatter and overwhelm into order and energy in your life by powerful phone coaching sessions! Uncover the emotions that lead you to cover the floor with clutter and let it go…

Garage and Large Space Organizing: One-day transformations! Let our team loose in your garage and actually have a place to park your car! (Los Angeles and Vermont only, or as part of a CLARITY Breakthrough)

Many people battle their own resistance every day, and can’t see their way out of the disarray that surrounds them. If you need a gentle “kick in the pants” to get you moving toward freedom, you can rely on us for the juice to get you started and keep you going in transforming your home from chaos to order.

We provide the creativity and inspiration for you to draw on when facing the age-old question, “where do I start?!?” Our individualized systems will support your new-found order and make sense long after we leave. We use practical wisdom, down to earth advice and a playful energy that really get results!

Sounds great, Jessica, where do I sign up?

Fabulous! If you feel excited about shifting your mindset, perspective (sometimes literally) and immediate environment, let’s talk. I may have several options for you to work with me, but let’s speak by phone or Skype to discover if we are a good fit. At this point, I am working solely with women who are motivated, determined, eager and READY to invest in their life. Could that be you?

Contact us now to see how we can take the burden off your shoulders.


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