• Crystal Clear Stackable Storage Drawer Large For all you “Imelda’s”, the shoe maniacs out there, this is a great storage solution; you can see what’s inside the drawers and when you stack them, you still have easy access. Multiple uses, but GREAT for party shoes, belts and scarves!
  • Velvet Suit Hangers – 50 Pack My favorite kind of hangers; they don’t take up a lot of space, slippery clothes stick to them (with or without clips) and they are not very expensive. Get two boxes!




  • The awesome Cuppow! Turns a Mason jar (which I use for drinking everything) into a grownup sippy cup! I have TWO of these that I use every single solitary day. (I wish I had a blue one but they didn’t exist when I bought mine)
  • The totally perfect Blendtec Blender. Quite pricey, but if you make green smoothies and the like, this is a necessity. And it will last longer than a cockroach.
  • You can make an entire breakfast on this super-easy-cleanup griddle from Calphalon that fits over two gas burners. We love it!


Bookkeeper & Tax Preparer Extraordinaire (Los Angeles)
Joan Wilkinson, the Tax Queen offers thorough, efficient, caring support for anyone who needs help with their personal or business accounting. I have used her services for over ten years in both capacities and have never been anything but ecstatic with her work.

Skin Care & Oncology Esthetics (Los Angeles)
Wendei Smith of is one of the few aestheticians certified in Oncology Esthetics. She helps people going through treatment feel better about themselves by providing customized skin care for specifically people living with cancer. Wendei truly is a blessing.

A web designer who truly listens
Alex Navas of Amplified Results truly knows both the marketing and design aspects of creating a website that really drives results.

My favorite Internet Marketing Mentor on earth
Adam Urbanski, the Millionaire Marketing Mentor. This man revolutionized the way I am in business with his expansive and creative ideas and encouragement. I bet he can do that for you, too.


A true blessing during the final days (hospice nurse)
If you are in the NYC area and need a hospice nurse that is compassionate, efficient, soothing, grounded and smart, I highly recommend Maxine Milton. She was there for the final days before my father passed and her invaluable knowledge of the final stages before death and her stable, caring presence were much appreciated.

A phenomenal yoga instructor in NYC
Melissa (von Ludwig) French probably the best instructor I’ve had!

A blow your mind massage in NYC
If you are in NYC and in dire need of a massage, Rob Gonzalez of City Touch Massage Therapy will BLOW YOUR MIND. Run, do not walk, to get one of his CityCleanse Body Treatments. It’s like he takes you apart and then nurtures you back together. Tell him Jessica sent you! I wish he lived next door to me.

Probably my favorite restaurant on earth
Shopsin’s Quirky, weird, outrageous, bizarre, delicious, incredible insane. Probably 300+ items on the menu. Ten tables in a hallway at the Essex Street Market. Play by the rules or you will be banished, just like the Soup Nazi. Worth every penny (not cheap)! Beware of weird hours, they are only open Wednesday-Sunday for breakfast and lunch.

Shopsin’s on Yelp! (read my review for instructions on how to do it)

Shopsin’s on SeriousEats.

Pro Tip: download the menu first and get an idea what you want before you go. Just trust me on this one.

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