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Rebecca Bascom, mortgage lender, Los Angeles, CA:

I was thinking over the weekend, how happy I am for you that you are doing so well. It’s an incredible service, priced affordably, and you are just a joy to work with. I’ve seen organizers come and go, and I’m just so impressed that you’ve made it work and work so well. Congratulations, and I see nothing but huge things for you in the future!!! Thanks again for the AMAZING day on Friday … it’s bizarre, but you are absolutely correct about not spending 15 minutes wondering what to wear any more. WOW WOW WOW I love you!

GB, happy retiree, Los Angeles, CA:

Our dear Jessica, Our closets are awesomely beautiful with the new hangers! The closets continue to be packed, but everything is in order but accessible. It is unimaginable how many suits that I have! I can shop in my own closets. I love it! my husband is happy too! You have helped our 50 year plus marriage to continue on joyfully.
Thank you, thank you! We both are looking forward to your next visit. You also have brought great energy and life to me. God bless

JB, M.D., Los Angeles, CA:

Jessica!! I cannot THANK YOU enough for my INCREDIBLE CLOSETS!!! I finished things off as you suggested; I went through all the remaining clothes…took pictures of my favorites and let go of everything I didn’t like or couldn’t/didn’t wear. I CANNOT BELIEVE MY WALK-IN CLOSET!! It looks like the closets I’d see in magazines and would comment, nobody’s closet can really look like that!!! nobody can live with so few clothes and shoes!! But you CAN and it’s FANTASTIC!!!

The very next day after our last session, I needed to meet my parents at church REALLY early. Usually I think about what I want to wear the night before, but I was WAY too tired for that. I woke up late and ran to my closet and I was stunned that I immediately found the PERFECT outfit, shoes, stockings and even JEWELRY within minutes, I was completely dressed and out the door!! Why did this happen? Of course, you know the answer–I could SEE what I had!!

I cannot tell you what a WONDERFUL difference this has made for my life. I usually wear some version of the same 3 outfits to work everyday–however, since my closet makeover, I’ve found more outfits to wear to work and I’ve started wearing more jewelry–I wear different jewelry almost everyday now!! I also wear my scarves and change bags more frequently!!I can’t believe it!! I love my closet so much that I often find myself wandering in just to look around. I’ve been bragging to all my friends!!
The following weekend, one of my friends came by to help me hang some of my art. We ended up re-arranging all the furniture and propping the art against the wall where the pieces would be displayed. Although we did not hang one picture, my rearranged furniture gave me a brand new space–it actually looks like a “living room” now with this and my new closets, I feel so much better about coming home.

Thanks to the two of you I have been given very best gifts I could have received for the holidays and a FANTASTIC start for the New Year!! By the way, I am going to get my mom to use your services–she has been bogged down and stuck with cluttered closets for a long time and I really think you could help her.

Marcia Behar, Owner, Marcia’s Gifts, Pasadena, CA:

I was so pleased when you came to my office to help me organize my workspace and clear off my desk. In addition to making some wonderful suggestions to increase my flow of work, you gave me so much encouragement. Sitting with you and realizing that I was holding on to so many papers unnecessarily, was invaluable. You helped me put an end to my procrastination in so many areas.

One example is when I mentioned that I had a young lady in mind to hire as a part time assistant, you handed me the phone and had me call her right away. She now works for me every week and I get so much more accomplished. Thank you! Thanks again, Jessica. It’s great doing business with you. You are so professional and so very encouraging to me. I appreciate the fact that you are so interested in my success. Your ideas and suggestions for expanding my business are so welcome. I’ve learned a lot from you since I met you last year. You have been a blessing to me.

Bari Hochwald, Personal Finance Coach, Money Matters Institute, Los Angeles, CA:

Because my business is growing rapidly, and I am involved in so many different projects I felt I needed Jessica’s help to take what was a fairly organized space and make it be a highly efficient one. Jessica made it so easy by giving me little ideas that made huge differences to how I get things done. It already is saving me time and, therefore money. I was headed toward a feeling of chaos and overwhelm because of not quite knowing how to “handle” certain pieces of information such as the business cards of people I meet — each card needs a different action and I was feeling overwhelmed knowing where to put what so I was living among piles that had to constantly be gone through in order for me to be “on top of things.” In reality things were “on top of me.” But no more! Jessica spent a few hours with me and now I know exactly where to put every piece of paper that goes through my fingers, I have a system to organize my contacts and my clients as well as no more piles!!!! Which is a HUGE blessing. Thank you Jessica!!!!!

Heidi Parr, Marketing Consultant, Los Angeles, CA:

oh!! You were a blessing!! I feel so much better…at the end of the day yesterday – I felt great…You are exactly what I needed to help me open up the “energy” for more good stuff!! Thank you…I will look forward to singing your praises…love looking in my closet — and look forward to the next step…I appreciate your thoughts and integrity.

Linda Charles, Marketing Guru, Hollywood, CA:

I just want you to know that I have not been this motivated in YEARS to clean like this! I actually WANT TO get this place straightened up and beautiful! I KNOW you were sent into my life and I can tell you that between my praying for this magical miracle and your extremely high intention- this is truly priceless. I plan to sing your praises everywhere I go and am going to email about you to everyone I know!

BG, Programmer Analyst, Newbury Park, CA:

Thanks for making such a large impact on my big mess! After you left, I walked around my bedroom and the closet. It’s amazing to see the transformation. My bedroom and closet seem twice as large as they did before. I also see quite an improvement in the living room and garage as well even though they weren’t our focus for today. Before today, I was finding it hard to believe I could ever get out from all my clutter. Now I know otherwise. Your energy and motivation are truly inspiring. I’m looking forward to continuing the organization process with you.

SK, Footwear Distributor, Santa Monica, CA:

Jessica helped me to make a smooth transition into a more organized way of running my business. Now I spend more time being productive, and less time looking for things. That makes things a lot easier, and makes me feel a lot less frustrated. No task is too daunting for Jessica. She tackles everything, making it look easy, and holding your hand when it begins to feel overwhelming.

EL, L.A. Philharmonic, Studio City, CA:

I had put off cleaning my closet for years. Jessica helped me make decisions in a graceful and supportive way. Her ideas on organization were thoughtful and thorough. Now, both my husband and I love walking into our closet and seeing everything clearly laid out. Months later, we still enjoy the experience.

KD, software consultant, Seattle, WA:

[Jessica] has been incredibly helpful to me, taking boxes and piles and heaps of paper (5 years worth) and turning them into workable files. She starts at the macro level, sorting the garbage from good stuff, then just keeps refining from there.
I was overwhelmed in 5 minutes, but she just calmly kept at it, and somehow made it doable.
She’s fun to be with, deeply sensitive and spiritual, but also grounded and reliable. Good vibes, VERY helpful, and a GREAT value.

Deborah Perumean, MA, Senior Clinical Researcher, Grover Beach, CA:

I think this is a common situation for working women. I was working more, making more money. I had the money, but the bills never got paid. The bills never got paid because I was traveling for business a lot, and working a lot Then, the credit rating went into the trash, and my personal life was a mess. While I was moving up in the company and in my salary, my personal life was moving toward disaster.
Then, JESSICA and IN PERFECT ORDER entered my life. Jessica took over the bill paying, budget, and correcting my credit rating. She provided not only business support for my life, but life support as well. There is nothing like flying to a business appointment knowing Jessica is taking care of the personal business I don’t have time for. What a joy to have her in my life. She is totally professional, knows her business and KNOWS how to get things DONE. That’s the key to her success, and to my benefit. Engage Jessica’s service right NOW, you will be better off for it now and in the long run. IN PERFECT ORDER was the best business decision I ever made.

SD-C, county employee, Santa Cruz, CA:

I’m a skilled computer professional, but my life has been a mess. When Jessica arrived I had a 6 inch tall pile of stuff on my dresser next to my bed of things that I had no place to put away. Jessica was willing to work in the dustiest corners of my office and bedroom, moving things that had not been looked at in 11 years, and turning those corners into usable space.
The cleaning process was an emotional one. Clearing the tangible junk out of my life opened up lots of feelings about how I felt about my house and my anger and love for the people and animals who I share my space with. Jessica was there for me to express those feelings, to channel those feelings towards positive action proposals, AND to keep moving forward with the cleaning process. Thanks Jessica.

AA, Teacher, Torrance, CA:

Jessica came to me as a referral and she assisted me during a very difficult time in my life. Having being married 45 wonderful and busy years, I was now alone. I thought one visit would be just fine – 4 hours for organizing clothes. Ha! No way. . . we ended up with three 4 hour sessions at my request and I can’t tell you how organized my house is now. She is a very persistent, calm worker. Always on task with words of encouragement! I can’t tell you how relieved and good I feel about what we accomplished!
[Getting organized] has made me a more calm, self-assured secure person. It makes me want to continue what we started. Be prepared to work along side her. It is well worth the effort.

BH, retired IBM security administrator, Greenbank, WA:

Thank you, Jessica, for a totally professional job. Well done! Now when get a piece of mail, I know EXACTLY where it goes! What a pleasure. It makes my life easier.

EM, Clinton, WA:

Jessica is a fierce and determined warrior in the war against chaos and disorder.
She has been courageous enough to cheerfully face years of accumulated paperwork with me without flinching. Together we have coaxed these unruly piles into their respective new destinations; re-cycling, rubbish and for the lucky ones, a new home in a cleanly labeled easy-to-find file.
My aim was to create a pleasant, inviting, and well-organized home office where I would actually wish to sit at my desk and take care of business. Now as each category is sorted and filed I realize my aim has been achieved I no longer dread my desk.
I could not have done it without you, Jessica.
Many, many thanks.

Barbara Hyman, Office Manager, Emotional Release Bodywork, Los Angeles, CA:

Jessica helped me to make a smooth transition into a more organized way of running my business. Now I spend more time being productive, and less time looking for things. That makes things a lot easier, and makes me feel a lot less frustrated. No task is too daunting for Jessica. She tackles everything, making it look easy, and holding your hand when it begins to feel overwhelming. I’d recommend her for anyone who wants their office to be more organized.

Narayan Waldman, Chairman, the ONEness Project, Bozeman, MT:

Jessica is an expert retreat/event organizer. She has all the varied skills and qualities necessary for this type of demanding work; a strong “Big Picture” awareness, rapid reaction time, a good personal and telephone manner, excellent computer skills, a fine attention to detail and the endurance and persistence to make sure all the aforementioned don’t go to waste!

Beverly Blonstein, Ventura, CA:

What a world of difference just three hours made in my life!!! Jessica walked in, got to work, and with her support and encouragement, my life has become so much easier and organized. Truly amazing.

P.K. Odle, The Feng Shui Advantage, Monterey Park, CA:

I understand what people mean when they speak of ignoring their own home while they are busy assisting others. Jessica has helped me regain my focus and attention to my own environment. Even though I am a worldwide instructor for The American Feng Shui Institute in Monterey Park, CA, making time for myself is not always my top priority.
Jessica helps me stay focused while I am sorting through what is absolutely necessary to keep and what to purge. While I am busy making those decisions, Jessica is busy organizing my computer and communication systems. I have learned so much about my own equipment and how to simplify various processes, that I feel Jessica’s assistance everyday. I look forward to every session with Jessica that I can squeeze into my schedule because she works with me and gently advises me how I can improve upon my own style. What I like best is that she does not attempt to make me follow some system she has worked up, as I have experienced with some of the other organizers I have worked with in the past.

KB, teacher, Canyon Country, CA:

My office piles have DISAPPEARED!! AT LAST… my PILES are now back to FILES!!!
It was a pleasure to work with you… many thanks for the gentle guidance & numerous suggestions. I feel confident that I can conquer this monster now!
Looking forward to working with you in the near future!

Jenise Blanc Wedding Planner, Entrepreneur, Topanga Canyon, CA:

I had the most amazing experience with Jessica! She literally took my office and moved it from one room to another. She made the new office space functional and uncluttered and pretty! Jessica has started a brilliant filing system for me using handy organizing tools like hanging file brackets and her label maker. She made a spread sheet for my bills. Lastly she organized a bathroom for my husband and I to use and share and feel comfortable in! I highly recommend Jessica!

David L. Katz, OMD, L.Ac Doctor of Oriental Medicine:

I am a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and have been licensed by the State of California as an acupuncturist for 18 years. I met Jessica [Waters] Duquette through a networking group about a year and a half ago. I had not really considered working with an “organizer”, and until I met Jessica at the networking lunches, had no understanding what a professional organizer was. Though I was a little hesitant at first, I have a room in my house that I used as a home office. Basically, I used one corner of the room. Jessica showed me how I might utilize the room more effectively. At her suggestion and help, I cleared out the whole room and now use it as a home office and a home theater. It is now the most popular space in my house.

Next Jessica went through my closet. When we were through, I got rid of three plastic bags of clothing I haven’t worn in years and purchased matching wooden hangers. That little touch made the closet into something I was really impressed with. I would never have thought a closet would impress me. She also reorganized my master bathroom. I was totally impressed.

I would have no problem and, in fact, have recommended Jessica to several associates. I feel she is professional, caring and totally into what she does.

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