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If you really want to turbo-charge your organizing results, this special accelerated program may be the perfect solution for YOU. We take the overwhelming avalanche of clutter and chaos in your house and literally transform it into a home you want to live in — in only a few days!

What you could experience:

  • All your closets and cabinets decluttered and in order—everything you need and love is right there when you reach for it.
  • Your bedrooms harmonized, so you can rest, renew, and (hopefully) even romance!
  • Your paperwork organized—in a system that works for you. No more panicking at tax time.
  • Peace, comfort and ease in your home. Love walking in your door every day and feel proud to welcome your home to friends and loved ones.

The primary reason people like you are searching the Internet for organizing help is because on some level, you are ready for a deep change. Your relationship with the things in your life has probably reached an uncomfortable threshold, and you’re fed up, frustrated, and have had it “up to here” with the way things are. You work hard all day, are very successful at what you do, but when it’s time to wind down after work…home feels anything but relaxing.

Maybe the kids are grown and gone, maybe you’ve recently been through a change in relationship status through death, divorce or breakup, maybe you’ve been doing the internal work and now you want your surroundings to reflect these changes. You recognize that it’s time for a deep-level shift, but you don’t know how to manage the project on your own. I totally get it.

Most of the people who pick up the phone and call me are powerful, competent, professional women (and men!) who excel in their field. It’s a challenge for them to admit to themselves or anyone else that they are so overwhelmed by clutter in their home and/or home office that they don’t know where to begin. Their situation can be anywhere on the continuum from needing one powerful full Reset Day visit to address a specific area—kitchen cabinets, a clothes closet, or their home/office filing system (or lack thereof), the garage— to really wanting their whole house revamped top to bottom.

For most people who try to decluttering on their own, a whole house organizing project can take quite a while if they are doing it in short bursts— and only slightly less time if they hire a professional organizer. Even when people are WILLING and ENTHUSIASTIC, organizing a whole house can still take months— and even up to a full year— when we are only working six hours a week. (Partly because we often have to spend the first hour or so just catching up on the clutter that has accumulated since the last visit!)

Because trying to keep up being organized when almost everything around you is in disarray, it’s reminiscent of the tale of Sisyphus—you know, that Greek guy who was doomed to push the boulder up a mountain for all of eternity, only to have to watch it roll back down—clients have been yearning for a way to experience their house feeling like a real home. A true reflection of themselves. A place to let their hair down. Everything in perfect order. Now there is a way…

If you are one of those people who is absolutely sure that you want a full-on revolution in the way things feel in your surroundings RIGHT AWAY, then let’s get going! I have the ideal solution for you and I call it the Total Home Breakthrough. Your life and home will not be the same once we are done, I guarantee!


If you are serious about making a HUGE and POWERFUL change in your life in a short period of time and are willing to clear your schedule and get to work for three to six 8-hour days in a row, give me a call and let’s schedule an evaluation to see if this program is a good fit. It is a commitment of time, energy and financial investment, so be prepared. This program is not for the faint of heart!

Is the process intense? Yes, it is! Is it hard work? You bet! But imagine the satisfaction you will feel when the job is done and you have reclaimed your space!


I’m going to let you in on a secret: over 10 years ago, I developed the Total Home Breakthrough program (it didn’t have a fancy name back then) because one of my clients asked me to fly across the country for a week and work with her to declutter and reharmonize her entire home. I wasn’t sure if I could pull it off— after all, her beautiful house was large (4500 sq ft) with dozens of closets, cabinets, drawers, shelves and hidden nooks and crannies ALL filled to overflowing.

My client’s daughters had recently gone off to college and she felt like it was time to take stock, clear out the cabinets, the kitchen, guest rooms, her bedroom closet, garage and home office. She knew if she let the job drag on and on, she would never keep finding the motivation to see it to completion. She was absolutely right.

We set a date and once I arrived a few weeks later, I took stock of the project scope and quickly had an overarching plan in mind. For the next 6 days, morning until night, we went down to the bone in every room until we filled a huge construction dumpster full of trash and she gave 10 van loads of donations to a local church. We reconfigured what was left, moving things to where they belonged, set the storage protocol to make sense—like items with like, things stored at their point of use and the most used items the easiest to reach, the least used, in more remote storage areas.


the actual dumpster, halfway through the job

The feeling of lightness, freedom and serenity that permeated the house once we were done lasted her for several years. She told me that when friends would come to visit, they would notice the difference right away, even though most of the clutter had been hidden in closets and drawers. (In other words, the house didn’t look messy when I got there.) A truly happy participant in the Total Home Breakthrough!

After I returned home, I was so excited about the amazing results that she experienced in just one week that I wanted more of my clients to feel the thrill of opening their closets, drawers and cabinets and instead of having to expend energy repressing the shame, embarrassment, overwhelm and frustration, they could experience delight, relief and peace at what they saw.

People tell me over and over how much they feel their lives have changed as a result of working with me. I am determined to bring that EXCITEMENT and feeling of FULFILLMENT to more people all over North America!

Life is too short to be held back by things that no longer serve you…

Some of the results you can count on enjoying:

  • All your closets in order: clothes, linen, hallway, storage…wherever there is stuff.
  • Cabinets rearranged and decluttered: in your kitchen, bathrooms, hallways, pantries.
  • Paperwork organized: getting those file cabinets into shape, tossing & shredding the unneeded papers, getting the archive information somewhere appropriately archival and restoring order to your current files.
  • Kitchen systems retooled so that it makes better sense for you and your family.
  • Bathrooms back in shape: eliminating the extraneous items so that your morning routine is a pleasurable rather than a frustrating experience.
  • Bedrooms harmonized: we will create a sanctuary in the place that you sleep, so that you can find the peace (and maybe even romance!) you have been yearning for.
  • Home office tackled: files, paperwork, utility closet, desktop, all get the same deep decluttering treatment.
  • Attention to your incoming mail and the daily onslaught of information and stuff: creating systems so that you know where to put it and then where to retrieve it when you need it.
  • Assessing the “flow” of your home and the systems you have in place:  are they working for you right now?
  • Creating a sense of peace and comfort in your home: your home is now a reflection of who and where you are RIGHT NOW.

It’s been my experience that if you attempt to tackle the entire home bit by bit, it is easy to get discouraged and distracted, but picture this: for three to six, focused, action-packed eight hour days, we work together, steadily, fluidly, efficiently, knocking off room after room, hour after hour, talking, laughing, crying, breaking through the resistance and overwhelm, working towards the final goal: the WOW of a whole house in perfect order. This could happen for you!

If you have ever been embarrassed to invite people over, if critical self-talk (or that of your spouse/in-laws/siblings) rings in your ears every time you walk in the door, if looking around your house makes you cringe, if you are ready for a deep-level change, then the Total Home Breakthrough is the right program for you.

Email us right away and let us know that you are rarin’ to GO!


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