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06 Mar Welcome to the new/old organizing blog about getting organized

It’s Not About Your Stuff!

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Jessica Waters and I am called the Diva of Letting Go. I have an organizing company called In Perfect Order that has branches in Los Angeles, NYC and the Champlain Valley of Vermont. As you may have already discovered, I have a great website with all kinds of cool information about getting organized. I have been helping people (mostly women) figure out what their clutter is saying to them. ‘But clutter doesn’t talk, Jessica’, you might be saying to yourself…oh, yes it does, my friend, yes, it does.

Over the years, as I have gone to hundreds of people’s homes and offices, I have gotten pretty good at reading what the clutter is saying. You see, clutter is just a symptom of something deeper, kind of like a rash on your skin, trying to let you know that something is off target in your emotional life and you may not have been listening. It’s ok not to listen, for as long as that works for you, but chances are, things keep getting more and more uncomfortable and it gets harder and harder to drown out the noise.

Some people turn to things that make them numb out, such as alcohol, shopping, food, television, drugs or over attention to details that are not really of value. Others become depressed or anxious or they just stay out of their house as much as possible.

Any of these coping mechanisms can’t work for any length of time, and so I feel it’s almost like my mission to help you make a change, if…and here’s the clincher…IF you’re ready. I mean really ready. Ready to face whatever it is that comes up when you start moving things around, and trust me, “stuffwill come up.

You might find yourself getting angry for a change, rather than “stuffing” the feelings. You might start to feel guilty, or embarrassed about how bad things have gotten (it’s actually starting to get better, but all of a sudden you’re noticing it!). You might start blaming the people around you, your spouse or your friends or your job, for how things have been, but the bottom line is YOU are the one who is responsible. Responsible for where you are in your life and responsible for making the change.

Once you get that one down, piece o’ cake.

So…if this is the kind of thing you feel like hearing about, talking about, learning about, stay tuned. There’s gonna be plenty more. Promise.

Remember, I am on your team!
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