Maybe a cross between Mary Poppins and a Shamanic Space Healer?

(because that’s what my clients have been calling me)


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Crush Your Attachment Gremlins
Discover 10 Effective Strategies for Letting Go of Your Stuff



I officially began my organizing business on Whidbey Island in Washington in 1997, long before people knew what an organizer did, but I had actually been decluttering for friends and family for most of my life. On a cross-country odyssey in my twenties, I remember asking the various friends I was visiting if I could rearrange their closets and cabinets, and relished the joy they experienced as a result. I never forgot that feeling, and several years later, I turned my passion into a full-time business creating order from chaos.

I still carry that tireless sense of adventure and enthusiasm, so your home or office gets a full-blown infusion of harmony and order every time.

After several years of working one appointment at a time with people in their homes and offices, people began asking me for a more intensive way to declutter their entire home in a short period of time. Since 2008, I have had the honor of flying all over the country to assist people in a three to six day VIP Intensive.


My experience closely assisting the three top caterers on Martha’s Vineyard in the 1980’s, as well as setting up office systems and coordinating workshops for several prominent seminar leaders on Whidbey Island in Washington in the 1990’s, helped me strengthen my ability to work closely with people on involved and often long-term projects.

In 1986, I was instrumental in the Loma Prieta Earthquake relief effort at the Oakland Red Cross. Within a few hours of arriving as a volunteer, I set up a procurement and distribution system to accommodate four emergency relief shelters throughout the East Bay. I was invited to join the Red Cross team by the Executive Director after only three days. This experience ignited my passion for helping out at disaster sites and years later, I helped establish a pop-up soup kitchen in a park near the 9th Ward in New Orleans a few months after Hurricane Katrina struck. We fed hundreds of returning residents and provided a safe place to connect with neighbors and discharge some of the emotional trauma that most people had experienced.

Once I moved to the L.A. area in the summer of 2000, I began honing my intuition so as to better read how people relate to their physical environment, and since then have become an expert on helping people let go of their “stuff” on all levels. I do this by an innovative healing process I call “Radical Release”, an integral part of Deep Decluttering,  uncovering the layers of emotional clutter that is often hidden beneath the ‘stuff’ and allowing energy to flow in our environment in a way that enlivens us.

“Jessica has the magic touch. After she vaporized my clutter and empowered me to stop creating it for good, we got to the real gold underneath. She’s truly gifted and highly skilled at tackling the intangible disarray that was blocking my business. Jessica works at the deepest level, with energy at the source of physical reality. She worked quickly yet gently to unclutter my thinking and business focus: clarifying sensible choices about what to do and how to grow. Now I can easily focus on what makes me jazzed about being in business, and make sure I’m using my time wisely and profitably. She’s way better than perfect!!” ~D.C., graphic design and branding expert, Encino, CA

What this means for you is that you get an easygoing, energetic friend in your home, someone who can sit on the floor, make you laugh when you need a boost and who can be there when you cry. Some who can help you see the whole picture and who knows how to get under the radar of your resistance, no matter how overwhelming it may seem.


Working with hundreds of people in their homes and offices for close to two decades, I have gained a continuously deeper understanding of how to help people ‘get organized’. [I put that in quotes because the process and the result is so different for each person.] By turning conventional organizing wisdom on its head and focusing on the release of internal clutter first, the results my clients see are both radical and lasting. Most people think that our environment affects our mindset, and to a degree, this is true. I have found, however, that once people locate the emotional turbulence that is at the root of their clutter and let go of these draining thoughts and beliefs, the actual act of organizing is a snap. I call the process Deep Decluttering, because we attend to the problem at its root, so it doesn’t come back.

This deeply healing process and the phenomenal results are what my clients rave about: together, we will tear your world apart and then lovingly, consciously put it back together so that it is reflective of where you are today and where you want to go from here. We let go of the weight of the past to make room for the light of the future.

Starting from the inside allows for the release of items, people and commitments that drain energy and constantly distract from one’s true purpose, be it personal or professional. We’ll create efficient systems based on the unique way you process information, with the result being that your outer landscape will support your present delight and forward motion with ease.

If you are like most people, when you pick up the phone to schedule an appointment with us, it’s because you are finally ready to look into your life in a deeper way and begin letting go of the items and commitments that no longer serve you. The journey from chaos to order is a powerful, transformative and truly a spiritual undertaking.

In Deep Decluttering, it is my job to stand as respectful and supportive witness for this process. Emotional clutter has been keeping you from enjoying the creativity and freedom that you may have been yearning for, often without realizing exactly what it is.

I am not a therapist, but the work we do together is therapeutic in nature, and it is not uncommon for you to experience emotional discomfort before, during or after our work. Not only is this normal, but in my opinion, it is a sign that the energy is moving and change is happening. It is an exciting and exhilarating feeling.

Together we will recognize and improve on successful techniques that are already in place in your life, identify those routines and systems that are hindering your productivity, and redirect the ineffective behavior to a more efficient way of working and being creative. I call this the “lazy person’s” way to organize, because if you are like most of us, you probably have unrealistic expectations of yourself and suffer from “perfection paralysis”: I can’t do something unless I do it perfectly, so I just won’t do it at all!

Working together, we are going to find the ways to set up your life so that it works for YOU. That is key, because if there is one complaint I have heard repeatedly over the years it is that a well-meaning friend, or other organizer has set up a system that may work well for them, but that does not work for the person it was created for!

Deep Decluttering rocks.

I made the life changing discovery that the clutter and chaos around my house and office at work are symptoms of the emotional and mental clutter between my ears. Sitting down to discover what was the cause of those emotions and then dealing with them was truly life changing. I had feelings of bitterness, anger, hurt, abandonment, failure, unworthiness, rebellion and pain clogging my life and my surroundings. Getting through the emotional hurdle allowed me to have the strength to want to do something about my surroundings. My counters are now once again clutter free and my bedroom feels comforting and restful instead of a place of shame and guilt.” Sara Blackburn, Operations Manager


My greatest organizing strength (and that of everyone on my carefully selected team) is the ability to be fully present for you, to get under the radar of your resistance, and to assist you in the process of letting go. We can’t “make” you let go, nor would we want to! What we do is help you identify what works for you and what no longer serves. We do this by sensing your individual work style, and helping create systems that are repeatable after we leave, teaching you to recognize the warning signs before they take hold, in order to prevent future chaos from coming back into your life. Many clients enjoy semi-annual or annual follow up visits to tweak their systems or to just get back on track.

My team and I enjoy the comfortable, playful and efficient relationship we have with our clients, and our clients love how we are practiced in staying focused and “on task” while having a good time. I know that my favorite part of the visit is when I am leaving and my clients hug me in relief and gratitude for the work we have done!

At this time, I work primarily one-on-one with the most highly motivated clients who want to go deep into their personal process and who are interested in examining and de-cluttering every nook and cranny of their life. I do this by phone coaching and/or in an onsite organizing intensive process called the CLARITY VIP Intensive Approach (at home) & the CLARITY VIP Intensive Bootcamp (for business), a process that lasts from 3-6 days, and is available anywhere in the US and Canada.

ESSENTIAL OILS Because so many people have asked me, I now offer the recommendation and use of therapeutic-grade essential oils in my work, which I have found extremely valuable in helping people who are emotionally stuck. If you are interested in a complementary essential oil consultation by phone, please feel free to email me with your phone number and the best time of day to reach you.


IPO-Team-Nov-2014I am very fortunate to have an amazing and gifted team who are very capable of holding the high standards of In Perfect Order. I spent many hours in the interview process, sifting through applicants who had the talent and capability of organizing, but I selected only the ones who had both the skill set AND the delightful personality to work intimately with my clients. I am proud to introduce them to you…

Having talent on both sides of the United States means In Perfect Order is uniquely positioned to coordinate business or personal cross-country moves between New York City, New England, East Central Florida and Los Angeles (any direction). My team can pack you up and then greet you on the other side to help you unpack and make sure you feel right at home, all the way on the other side of the USA!


Loetta_Earnest-masterIt happens sometimes when walking into a room … for some indefinable reason you just feel at ease and relaxed—this is Loetta’s goal for every client she works with—to assist them in transforming a chaotic or unruly environment into a peaceful and productive haven— not just to survive in, but to thrive in.

Loetta is a Midwesterner at heart, born and raised in Chicago and currently residing in the midst of the high-octane excitement of Beverly Hills. In her former life, she was a high fashion model, received her BA in Finance and then went on to complete a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, giving her a potent balance of the left and right brain— an ideal mix for an organizing ‘coach’ to guide you through the murky physical and emotional waters of the decluttering process.

In the past, Loetta has been indispensable as a Personal Assistant to several high-profile clients and currently sells homes in the tony Beverly Hills area. She brings her experience as Realtor to help clients stage and prepare their home for sale.

Her natural talent for organizing, her grounded perspective and sharp business savvy have served her well in each of these jobs. She has an inborn talent for sensing stuck energy in a space and knowing where to assist the energy flow using simple techniques she has developed over the years. In Perfect Order clients count themselves lucky to have this dynamo working by their side when they are moving across town or across the country!

Loetta showed up right on time and as soon as she walked into my place she rolled up her sleeves and began working on my mess. She was very professional and despite my scattered mind, stayed focused and finished organizing every spot I asked her to organize super fast. Now my new place feels like home and it’s beautiful and I know where things are. I really, truly loved Loetta and will definitely call her again in the future. ~ GM, Marina del Rey, CA

Loetta is available for decluttering and reorganizing your home or office and she leads our moving and relocation coordination team.

Loetta is also a licensed broker associate with Hilton & Hyland, an affiliate of Christie’s International, and has had excellent success representing In Perfect Order clients who need to sell their home.


Matt GraceMatt’s passion for the highest quality customer service and the drive to make things happen has earned him kudos throughout his career in the mechanical engineering trade. Our clients have always appreciated his warmth, lightheartedness, tireless energy, handy tool belt, as well as his honesty and dedication to their garages and large space needs.

Matt has a passion for traveling abroad, which has fed his natural curiosity about human nature and taught him resourcefulness and how to face any challenge with a sense of humor. His engineering background has fine-tuned his attention to detail and given him solid skills that translate perfectly to professional organizing.

Matt enjoys meeting new people and knows how listen with focused attention in order to activate his creativity and professionalism to deliver what our clients want, and he makes sure he delivers more. Lucky for you if your garage or storage area needs a makeover—Matt is a treasure!

Matt is our Garage & Large Space Specialist and is a blessing when you are packing to move your home.


Deborah-Clemente-2Deborah specializes in Heart Centered Personal Transformation. Her mission is to empower others in creating a life that works from the inside out by teaching clients the practical tools for organization and self-mastery.  Before becoming a counselor and recovery specialist, she spent over 15 years as an Executive and Celebrity Personal Assistant, Project Manager and Copywriter for multinational corporations, business owners, executives, celebrities and their families in both New York and Los Angeles.  Deborah holds a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and a B.S. in Women’s Studies and Journalism from Northeastern University. Deborah was raised in New England and currently lives in near Melbourne, Florida with her teenage son.

Deborah is a master at home and business decluttering and organizing while making it all feel simple.  Her attention to detail is phenomenal and her calm demeanor soothes even the most anxious of clients.


Lisa Carbonell

Lisa is our PDX Organizer and another mid-westerner transplant on our team.  She was born organized and later in life trained as a life coach, which makes working with her a real treat. Lisa has a gentle, natural approach to organizing and an amazing laugh.  She creates a magical aura of serenity as she works with you to restore order to your life one room at a time.

Lisa knows exactly where to start and what is needed to energetically transform your space.  She has a Masters education in Applied Behavioral Science Coaching/Consulting and parlays her consulting skills into organizing homes, offices and especially mindsets.

Her specialty is de-cluttering and setting up systems for over-all home functionality.  She can help you with closet organization, packing /un-packing for a move, preparing for family events (Thanksgiving dinner at your house, Graduation Party, etc.) and home office set up.  Once order is restored, Lisa is available to help with the regular maintenance to keep it that way.

Lisa is an expert at home and home office decluttering and organizing, specializing in working with moms, creatives and highly sensitive people.  Her soothing presence and infectious laugh motivates, inspires and delights!

Crush Your Attachment Gremlins
Discover 10 Effective Strategies for Letting Go of Your Stuff

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