How amazing is it to do full-on office organizing?

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06 Aug How amazing is it to do full-on office organizing?

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of doing a Clarity VIP Bootcamp Intensive with a fabulous open-hearted entrepreneur in Los Angeles I will call the “Barefoot Multi-Millionairess”, because that’s what she is!

pile of clutter from the closet

we emptied the utility closet and set to making a lot of decisions.

She has consciously arranged her life to be able to travel around the world, take great care of herself, work on her business, support others in their business, teach and do yoga, fill her life with amazingly fragrant and potent essential oils (teaching and healing as well as using them), write books, invest in real estate, be supportive to her family and enjoy her beloved partner and her dogs. She lives in an incredible home tucked way up in a canyon in Los Angeles and even has a GORGEOUS pied-à-terre (a cute 2nd apartment closer to town about 1/2 hr away) right on the beach in Marina del Rey, where I got to stay for the week.

beach bed awesome

this was my bed for a whole week. Each night, the moon would sparkle over the water as it rose and every morning, the seagulls woke me up.

When I say it was my privilege, I mean it, because this courageous and savvy businesswoman took four solid days out of her incredibly busy schedule (our time was sandwiched between two business trips!) to do some serious heavy organizing and Deep Decluttering™. That’s what the Clarity Intensive is all about. Going DEEP so you can work smarter. But it’s an investment in time, energy and money that she was willing to make because she is at a turning point in her business and is ready to shoot for the moon.

Investment: what does that mean? That means that for at least 8 hours a day, for all four days, we touched every item, every paper, every file in her home office and made a decision to keep, toss, shred, donate or sell it. Right there on the spot. Although I flew out primarily to work on the business systems she had in place (or didn’t have!), our work naturally bled into some of the personal systems that weren’t working for this power couple (her partner is an internationally-renowned healer and teacher).

That’s what happens when you are living your passion, your work life and personal life have what I call a ‘semi-permeable membrane’  between them, where sometimes it’s hard to tell which is which. The difference between successful entrepreneurs and those still struggling, is that what is allowed to pass through the membrane to their personal life is what they choose to come through, not what stampedes in unbidden!

If you had walked into her place before I got there, you wouldn’t have thought it was in trouble (and it wasn’t!). But a decade or more of hard work, giving to the world, attending to the day to day of business makes it hard to stop and take stock of your inventory and systems to see if they are running optimally. When entrepreneurs reach a certain level of success, many times they realize that they can’t keep going on the path they have made for themselves to date because new doors have opened for them and they need a REBOOT! A total system review and revitalization so that they can squeeze every bit out of the new advantages and opportunities that are coming their way.

No more feeling overwhelmed just looking at their desk, not knowing where to start. No more wasted time looking for things they know they have. No more squandered effort having to recreate documents that are lost in the ether. No more buying multiples of things because who knows where they are? And best of all, having that incredible rush of energy knowing that everything important is within reach and everything less important is neatly archived away, labeled and stored where it can be reached in the off-chance it is needed again. Ms. Millionairess’ partner sat at her ‘new’ desk in her ‘new’ office (totally rearranged and re-oriented) and said, “I FEEL smarter now!” He got it. It feels different when you get rid of what you don’t need. It makes it easier to focus and get stuff done. Where once he had been deeply skeptical of the process, he was now overcome by the difference it was going to make in their lives, daily. THAT is why I do what I do.

The feeling of overwhelm shows up when you have not cleared your ancient emotional blocks, none of them having anything to do with the present time. These feelings (consciously or unconsciously) have been living in your head and heart for all time, and often take over all the bandwidth that you have to make decisions. Maybe it feels sudden, but it’s something you’ve been living with forever. It could be that your new-found success activates the overwhelm and  totally throws you off base.

It’s the feeling you get when you look at a project in front of you and you tell yourself that you don’t know where to start. There is an invisible wall between you and what you have to do and you have no idea where it came from or how to make it leave. It’s the feeling that keeps you from reaching the next level. Like an anchor that you didn’t know was there. So what to do about that? (You’re probably not going to like my answer!)

Lately, I have been doing some Deep Decluttering™ myself. Just like the Barefoot Millionairess, I have had to take time out from my busy schedule and allow myself to Sit With It. What I mean by that is I have been allowing those old aches and hurts and resentments and griefs to rise to the surface and NOT DO ANYTHING about them.  I Just Sit With It. Do you know how hard that is???? Especially for a “Type A” personality like me, a go-getter, do it now person?? VERY, very, very hard. But just like my Clarity Bootcamp Intensive clients, I know that in order to get to my goal of being (emotionally) clutter-free, I have to live with chaos and uncertainty first.

That’s where the courage came in and that’s where the Barefoot Millionairess rocked it! For four days, she and her partner had to step over crazy piles of stuff, had to live with multiple staging areas with all kinds of tasks to be done all over the house, had their email blowing up with people responding to their local posts to give away their unwanted furniture, and all the while, they had to hold the vision for the end goal and trust me to be the knock-it-out-of-the-park project manager for the week.

And guess what? At 5:00pm on the last day, we put the last finishing flourishes on her brand new office (and his new desk placement!), after whittling down TEN file drawers into ONE, totally harmonizing a utility closet that had never been useful, rearranged the flow of the front of the house, shredded for HOURS, right at the last moment it all came astonishingly, sweetly, In Perfect Order. Ahhhh, just the way I like it!

Then…as I had my shoes on, my bag on my arm, the car keys in my hand, ready to zoom out the door, I opened one small drawerIn Perfect Order that I had forgotten to declutter and what did we find? An envelope filled with a big pile o’ cash! It was the sparkling affirmation to us that we had made space for more productivity, more juice, more heart based connections and more financial abundance to flow through the house and home.

What, I ask you, could be more perfect than that?

If you feel ready, REEEEELY ready to dig deep and come up triumphant, I am here to help, anywhere in the English-speaking world, internationally.

Wanna find out if we would be a good fit? The Intensive is not for everyone, that’s for sure. You have to be able to tolerate chaos for a short period of time (3-6 days) and trust that the end product will be totally worth the effort. It’s long, hard days of making many, many decisions. You will need the focused time and the intense dedication, but holy mackerel! The end result will be beyond what you had hoped for. I promise.

Remember, I am on your team!


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Jessica Waters, internationally known professional organizer

to reach me, it’s easy: jessica [at symbol] inperfectorder [dot] com


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