Crushing Your Attachment Gremlin

10 Effective Strategies for Letting Go of Your Stuff
(even when it’s hard)

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I officially began my organizing business on Whidbey Island in Washington in 1997, long before people knew what an organizer did, but I had actually been decluttering for friends and family for most of my life. On a cross-country odyssey in my twenties, I remember asking the various friends I was visiting if I could rearrange their closets and cabinets, and relished the joy they experienced as a result. I never forgot that feeling, and several years later, I turned my passion into a full-time business creating order from chaos.

I still carry that tireless sense of adventure and enthusiasm, so your home or office gets a full-blown infusion of harmony and order every time.

After several years of working one appointment at a time with people in their homes and offices, people began asking me for a more intensive way to declutter their entire home in a short period of time. Since 2008, I have had the honor of flying all over the country to assist people in a three to six day VIP Intensive.



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