One week clear out? I need that.

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18 Aug One week clear out? I need that.

What exactly IS a One Week Clear Out? It’s a week-long intensive service focusing on the goal of completely emptying out a house or apartment because of a life circumstance such as a recent death or impending rapid relocation. Sudden life-altering situations happen to the best of us and often when we least expect it. We can help attend to the details of clearing out an entire home in one week, so you can focus on the details of your life.

Why would I want to do it in just one week?

Again, there are as many reasons for WHY as there are people who need it.

I will give three recent examples:

1. In the fall of 2014, I had the honor of being flown across the country to help out two gentlemen who were in dire straits. They had recently sold the 4,500 square foot home they had lived in for 15 years and had to be out within 10 days. They had not yet found a new place to live and the house was filled to the brim with furnishings, clothes, kitchenware, artwork, linens, outdoor furniture, etc. They simply did not have the time to take care of it all AND find a new place to lay their heads.

I flew out two days later and engaged my entire crackerjack Los Angeles team to help get the show on the road. Morning until night, room after room, we touched every item in the house and made decisions: garbage, donation, give away, sell, store or take. I found trash haulers, movers, someone who delivered us packing materials at the last minute, an antiques dealer, someone to take the koi fish from the pond, etc. Every detail was covered while the owners frantically searched for a place to move the following week.

On the final day, as we were sweeping out the last of the items, the two gentlemen had a moment to look around, take a deep breath in to acknowledge the memories– both good and bad— they had experienced over the years and say goodbye to that chapter of their life.

Within two days, we had totally unpacked them in their cute new (temporary) apartment and they were able to resume a new version of everyday life. Ahhhhhhh…another successful One Week Clear Out.

2. In the spring of 2015, a woman from NYC who had recently lost her mother called me very upset because the person she had originally hired to clear out her mother’s apartment had not done the job she had promised and the clock was ticking. They needed to get the elegant postwar Park Ave apartment on the market as quickly as possible.

I got down there within a few days and surveyed the scene. I was shocked because not one room had been completed, even though the previous “professional” had been there many times over several weeks. (and charged the client a hefty fee for her time!)

I quickly assessed the situation, made many phone calls to line up two packing assistants, someone to clean the chandelier, a piano tuner, two different sets of movers, an auction dealer and someone to help clear the data off the electronics. I had to interface with the elevator men, the realtor, the stager, the housekeeping crew and the maintenance men, not to mention the NYC traffic cops. We made hundreds of on-the-spot decisions about what was medical donation, medical rental return, medical waste, consignment, clothing donation, electronic waste, which artwork went to which sibling and to which of their homes did it go. I was on the phone from morning till late in the day, managing my crew, making sure there was a current Certificate of Insurance (COI) for every service provider that walked in the building, managing the timing of the street closures that happened every day from noon-1:30, keeping track of the insanely unreasonable service elevator schedule, the impossible to reach building manager, and of course, respecting the needs and wishes of the family themselves, who understandably had strong emotions about what was happening.

I put in long, long hours, but in the end, the clients could breathe a sigh of relief that the job was 100% done. The apartment was totally cleared out. Yes!

3. In the fall of 2015, a lovely grieving family from Vermont engaged me to assist them in clearing out the home of their prematurely departed sister. They had bee trying to get it all accomplished, but the emotions and family dynamics got in the way.

Once I arrived with my assistant, things went into high gear; packing, sorting, tossing, and a really fun giveaway to some local scavengers. Within two days the artwork and kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom and office were all packed up and a few days later the realtor could begin showing the house.

THAT’S what a One Week Clear Out can be: if you have recently lost a loved one and can’t possibly manage all the myriad of details that go into dismantling someone’s life, it makes a huge difference to have a compassionate, efficient and caring expert on your team.

Can you think of any other way a One Week Clear Out might be of benefit to you? If so, I am here for you! Anywhere in the United States or Canada.



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