Skype VIP Day

Customized VIP Day by Skype!

If you are looking for support to tackle the clutter in your closet, kitchen, office or kid’s room, or a full revamp of your office systems, but don’t feel ready for a full 3-6 day Total Home Breakthrough visit, I can still help you break free from your overwhelming clutter, and get you on the road to order and the freedom that comes with it by working with you for a full (6 hour) day via Skype.

You will go from being frustrated and overwhelmed to feeling energized, motivated, inspired and supported!  I can and will help you break the overwhelming clutter that surrounds you into bite-size manageable tasks; give you tips and guidance; help you prioritize and keep you on track; acknowledge your progress; and share in your challenges and successes. Your current refrain, “It’s so overwhelming! Where do I even begin?” will soon turn to an enthusiastic, “I finished that! What’s Next?”


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